Zhong Wu Sun

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CeF3 and CeF3:Tb3+ water soluble nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared by wet chemistry, and their structure and luminescence properties were studied systematically. The results of XRD indicate that the obtained CeF3 and CeF3:Tb3+ NPs have a hexagonal structure with the P 6(3)/mcm space group. The average size of CeF3 NPs is about 10 nm, and that of CeF3:Tb3+(More)
Epithelia of rostral side and fins from common carp were taken to culture in vitro. As a result, cells of tail fins were successfully passed from generation to generation, and constructed cell lines. During the culture procedure, the passage cells were observed and their biological characteristics were analyzed, which consist of morphologic analysis,(More)
CePO(4):Tb/LaPO(4) nanowires with a core/sheath architecture have been successful synthesized by a facile aqueous chemical method mediated by original CePO(4):Tb aggregation seeds. The seed crystals serve as both a luminescence center and a nucleation site for epitaxial growth. The seed nanocrystals have an irregular sphere-like shape with an average size(More)
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