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A normal quartic polynomial is a quartic polynomial whose fourth degree term coefficient tensor is positive definite. Its minimization problem is one of the simplest cases of nonconvex global optimization, and has engineering applications. We call a direction a global descent direction of a function at a point if there is another point with a lower function(More)
In this paper, a new nonmonotone line search rule is proposed,which is verified to be an improved version of the nonmonotone line search technique proposed by Zhang and Hager. Unlike the Zhang and Hager’s method, our nonmonotone line search is proved to own a nice property similar to the standard Armijo line search. In virtue of such a property, global(More)
In this paper a class of mobile parallel robots with the structural configuration of PPUU (Prismatic-Prismatic- Universal-Universal) is investigated in detail. Firstly a singularity analysis corresponding to different configured cases of the revolute axes of the robot's U-joint based on the screw theory is developed and a brief comparison of the four cases(More)
In this paper, the Mobile Parallel Robot (MPR) with structural configurations of PPUU (Prismatic - Prismatic - Universal - Universal) is developed. The inverse kinematics is firstly derived and a specific control system is presented. The control system integrates the features of parallel robot and mobile robot. Five control modules are included in the(More)