Zhong Wan

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A normal quartic polynomial is a quartic polynomial whose fourth degree term coefficient tensor is positive definite. Its minimization problem is one of the simplest cases of nonconvex global optimization, and has engineering applications. We call a direction a global descent direction of a function at a point if there is another point with a lower function(More)
In this paper, a new nonmonotone line search rule is proposed,which is verified to be an improved version of the nonmonotone line search technique proposed by Zhang and Hager. Unlike the Zhang and Hager’s method, our nonmonotone line search is proved to own a nice property similar to the standard Armijo line search. In virtue of such a property, global(More)
Evaluation on achievement of scientists plays an important role in efficiently mining information of human resources. A metrics model, which is employed to calculate the number of academic papers, research awards and scientific research projects, often significantly affects the degree of fairness as it is used to compare the achievements of more than one(More)