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In non-invasive thermal diagnostics, accurate correlations between the thermal image on skin surface and interior human pathophysiology are often desired, which require general solutions for the bioheat equation. In this study, the Monte Carlo method was implemented to solve the transient three-dimensional bio-heat transfer problem with non-linear boundary(More)
Noninvasively measuring the tissue blood perfusion has been an important however difficult problem in the biomedical engineering field. Based on the newly developed phase-shift principle, an improved sinusoidal heating method to estimate the perfusion was proposed in this paper to replace the original heating algorithm. The phase shift between the(More)
—Local thermal enhancement in target tissue is of great interest in tumor hyperthermia. In this study, we proposed a brand-new thermal enhancement protocol for tumor hyperthermia using heat generated from thermoge-nesis evoked by capsaicin, which can safely deliver a totally localized heating to target tissue. A healthy male volunteer was recruited, whose(More)
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