Zhong-Ren Guo

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Pecan is an important horticultural nut crop originally from North America and now widely cultivated in China for its high ecological, ornamental and economic value. Currently, there are over one hundred cultivars grown in China, including introduced American cultivars and Chinese seedling breeding cultivars. Molecular markers were used to assess the(More)
Zoysiagrass, the most cold-tolerant grass among the warm-season turfgrasses, is often used as a model species for isolating cellular components related to cold stress. To understand the proteomic responses to cold stress in zoysiagrass stolons, we extracted stolon proteins from Zoysiajaponica, cv. Meyer (cold-tolerant) and Z. metrella, cv. Diamond(More)
Mhchit1, a class I chitinase gene from Malus hupehensis, was cloned, and its expression and functionality in young seedlings were studied. Treatment with salicylic acid, methyl jasmonate, and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid resulted in the elevation of Mhchit1 transcript levels in leaves, stems, and roots. Infection with Botryosphaeria berengeriana(More)
Kiwifruit plants are particularly sensitive to soil waterlogging. Enhancement of waterlogging tolerance in kiwifruit can potentially considerably increase its fruit production and extend the shelf life of the fruit. We generated 95,945,496 bases of high-quality sequence from kiwifruit roots after 4-day waterlogging treatment using Illumina sequencing(More)
Earlier, we have reported that overexpression of Malus hupehensis Non-expressor of pathogenesis related gene 1 (MhNPR1) gene in tobacco could induce the expression of pathogenesis-related genes and enhance resistance to fungus Botrytis cinerea. In this study, we showed that MhNPR1 can be induced by NaCl, PEG6000, low temperature (4 °C), abscisic acid and(More)
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