Zhong-Qi Liu

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Selenium (Se) can be used to detoxify antimony (Sb); however, the associated mechanisms are not fully understood, in particular, the responses of essential elements to co-exposure to Se and Sb. To resolve the above question, two nested hydroponic experiments based on a two-factor, five-level central composite design, were performed using a conventional(More)
Mental fatigue is considered to be a contributing factor responsible for numerous road accidents and various medical conditions and the efficiency and performance could be impaired during fatigue. Hence, determining how to evaluate mental fatigue is very important. In the present study, ten subjects performed a long-term visual search task with(More)
At present a lot of gaze estimation methods can get accurate result under ideal conditions, but some practical issues are still the biggest challenges affect the accuracy such as head motion and eye blinking. Improving the accuracy of gaze estimation and the tolerance of head motion are common tasks in the field of gaze estimation. Therefore, this paper(More)