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We study a generalization of the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) by allowing multiple equipments to be assigned at a single location as long as resources at the location permit. This problem arises in many real world applications such as facility location problem and logistics network design. We call the problem as the generalized quadratic assignment(More)
Though a lot of research has been done on fault tolerance for MPI applications, process migration has not gained widespread use because the complexity of the requirement that the knowledge about the location of a migrated process has to be made known to every other process in the MPI application. In this paper, we present a novel and effective process(More)
A simplified 3D gaze tracking technology with stereo vision has been developed in this paper. A pair of stereo cameras and two point light sources are used to estimate 3D gaze of user's eye. Compared with other 3D systems, there are two improvements to simplify the whole system in this paper: First, 3D gaze is estimated as the line linking 3D cornea center(More)
This paper analyzes the factors affecting the response time of I/O in VCPU with CPU-intensive workload based on Credit scheduler, and presents a new dynamic time slice mechanism in Credit Scheduler of Xen VMM. This scheduler can improve the I/O response time of VCPU having intensive I/O and CPU workloads. Especially when the workload of PCPU becomes heavy,(More)
Most existing fuzzy-based load balancing algorithms take into account the loads of multi-class system resources, but they cannot truly fuse various loads because the rule based method they utilize is essentially in a combined way. However, the dynamically changing node loads within the virtual cluster cause difficulties in reasonably partitioning the(More)
Quorum system is a preferable model to construct distributed access control architecture, but not all quorum system can satisfy the requirements of distributed access control architecture. Aiming at the dependable problem of authorization server in distributed system and combining the requirements of access control, a set of criterions to select and(More)
We aim to identify the salient objects in an image by applying a model of visual attention. We automate the process by predicting those objects in an image that are most likely to be the focus of someone's visual attention. Concretely, we first generate fixation maps from the eye tracking data, which express the ground truth of people's visual attention for(More)
Dividends distribution of Chinese listed companies is irregular, and the level of dividends can’t match that of earnings persistence. This paper empirically investigates the relationship between dividends distribution, including payout policy and level of cash dividends, and earnings persistence. Different from current literature, this paper is the first to(More)