Zhong Ma

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We study a generalization of the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) by allowing multiple equipments to be assigned at a single location as long as resources at the location permit. This problem arises in many real world applications such as facility location problem and logistics network design. We call the problem as the generalized quadratic assignment(More)
We consider an integrated multi-round combinatorial auction mechanism for truckload transportation procurement. Shippers allow bids on packages of lanes and solve a winner determination problem to assign lanes to carriers. Carriers employ optimization models to discover profitable lanes to bid for at a round. Price information derived from the result of a(More)
Dividends distribution of Chinese listed companies is irregular, and the level of dividends can't match that of earnings persistence. This paper empirically investigates the relationship between dividends distribution, including payout policy and level of cash dividends, and earnings persistence. Different from current literature, this paper is the first to(More)
We describe a laboratory exercise developed for a cell biology course for second-year undergraduate biology majors. It was designed to introduce undergraduates to the basic molecular biology techniques of Western blotting and immunodetection coupled with the technique of tissue printing in detecting the presence, relative abundance, and distribution of(More)
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