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We describe Paradropper, a general-purpose global computing system based on a peer-to-peer self-organizing overlay network. In Paradropper, the peer is organized into an overlay network with " small world " characteristics, and workload is well balanced among the peers according to their workload in a decentralized manner. Particularly, it not only supports(More)
Signaling pathways transmit information through protein interaction networks that are dynamically regulated by complex extracellular cues. We developed LUMIER (for luminescence-based mammalian interactome mapping), an automated high-throughput technology, to map protein-protein interaction networks systematically in mammalian cells and applied it to the(More)
The node localization is an important problem for location-dependent applications of wireless sensor networks. The research has drawn wide attention in recent years. The localization can be categorized as range-free or range-based schemes based on whether the range information is used among the localization process. Because of the hardware limitations of(More)
Our previous work has shown that axon guidance gene family Nogo-B and its receptor (NgBR) are essential for chemotaxis and morphogenesis of endothelial cells in vitro. To investigate NogoB-NgBR function in vivo, we cloned the zebrafish ortholog of both genes and studied loss of function in vivo using morpholino antisense technology. Zebrafish ortholog of(More)
Privacy has become an important issue in Data Mining. Many methods have been brought out to solve this problem. This paper deals with the problem of association rule mining which preserves the confidentiality of each database. In order to find the association rule, each participant has to share their own data. Thus, much privacy information may be broadcast(More)
Red pap1-D cells of Arabidopsis thaliana have been cloned from production of anthocyanin pigmentation 1-Dominant (pap1-D) plants. The red cells are metabolically programmed to produce high levels of anthocyanins by a WD40-bHLH-MYB complex that is composed of the TTG1, TT8/GL3 and PAP1 transcription factors. Here, we report that indole 3-acetic acid (IAA),(More)
BACKGROUND Microvascular decompression has been widely used as the first choice in treating trigeminal neuralgia, but in a few patients, facial pain cannot be effectively controlled by microvascular decompression. We sought to clarify the important factors for good operative outcomes. METHODS We reviewed 62 patients with trigeminal neuralgia treated by(More)
The article provides a preliminary account of the operational process of command and control based on the cyber-physical-social system (CPSS) and a self-synchronization mechanism. The proposed CPSS for command and control incorporates the essential characteristics of operational mechanism and connects the physical network, cyberspace, mental space, and(More)
Exercise blunts sympathetic alpha-adrenergic vasoconstriction (functional sympatholysis). We hypothesized that sympatholysis would be augmented during hypoxic exercise compared with exercise alone. Fourteen subjects were monitored with ECG and pulse oximetry. Brachial artery and antecubital vein catheters were placed in the nondominant (exercising) arm.(More)
Quadrature sampling has been widely applied in coherent radar systems to extract in-phase and quadrature ( I and Q) components in the received radar signal. However, the sampling is inefficient because the received signal contains only a small number of significant target signals. This paper incorporates the compressive sampling (CS) theory into the design(More)