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* move toward higher concentrations of chemoattractants. Summary Cdc42 has been shown to interact with and/or activate proteins known to be involved in cytoskeleton reorgani-Efficient chemotaxis requires directional sensing and zation, including the PAK kinases and Wiscott Aldrich cell polarization. We describe a signaling mechanism syndrome protein (WASP)(More)
Given two genomic maps G 1 and G 2 each represented as a sequence of n gene markers, the maximal strip recovery (MSR) problem is to retain the maximum number of markers in both G 1 and G 2 such that the resultant subsequences, denoted as G * 1 and G * 2 , can be partitioned into the same set of maximal strips, which are common substrings of length greater(More)
A method based on Visual Hull is proposed for simultaneously recovering an object's shape and its reflectance properties from multiple images. Here, the reflectance properties are described by the Ward BRDF model. Firstly, the shape represented by voxels is acquired by applying SFS (Shape from Silhouettes) method, and the triangular mesh of the surface is(More)
We present a novel mesh denoising and smoothing method in this paper. Our approach starts by estimating the principal curvatures and mesh saliency value for each ver-tex. Then, we calculate the uniform principal curvature of each vertex based on the weighted average of local principal curvatures. After that, we use the weighted bi-quadratic Bézier surface(More)
In addition to GA-deception, the lack of fitness differences among low-order schemata can also degrade GA's search. Therefore, a coding should present adequate superior low-order building blocks at the early stage of search. This paper aims to reveal the inherent periodicity in the search process of a genetic algorithm, and to show how to make use of this(More)
Leukocyte chemoattractants regulate many leukocyte functions, including leukocyte chemotaxis, via the Rho family of small GTPases that include RhoA, Cdc42, and Rac. Previous work has revealed mechanisms by which chemoattractants regulate RhoA and Cdc42 in mouse neutrophils, but the mechanisms for regulation of Rac remain unclear even though Rac is important(More)
— A large number of analog chaos-based secure communication systems have been proposed since the early 1990s exploiting the technique of chaos synchronization. A brief survey of these chaos-based cryptosystems and of related cryptanalytic results is given. Some recently proposed countermeasures against known attacks are also introduced.