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Glucocorticoids or the glucocorticoid analog dexamethasone (DEX) enhances the differentiation of preadipocytes in the presence of insulin and influences preadipocyte proliferation. The purpose of the present study was to determine if DEX can induce the recruitment of preadipocytes. Using monoclonal antibodies for complement-mediated cytotoxicity,(More)
Inflammation plays an important role in the occurrence and development of fibrosis. Lipoxins (LXs) and BML-111 (lipoxin A4 agonist) have been approved for potent anti-inflammatory properties. Previously, we and others had showed LXs and BML-111 could protect acute hepatic injury, inhibit the growth and invasion of hepatic tumor. However, there are few(More)
The expression of three CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins (C/EBPs) was examined with immunocytochemistry and Western blot analysis during preadipocyte differentiation in porcine stromal vascular (S-V) cell cultures. Regardless of treatment and time in culture, immunoreactivity for all three C/EBP isoforms was restricted to cell nuclei. At day 1, 50 +/- 6% of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if subpopulations of cells in stromal vascular (S-V) cultures could be segregated and separated based on affinity for laminin substratum. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES S-V cells were seeded and allowed to attach for various times; 4 hours was found to be optimal for cell attachment. Cultures were rinsed after 4 hours of seeding,(More)
Lipoxins (LXs) display unique pro-resolving and anti-inflammatory functions in a variety of inflammatory conditions. The present study was undertaken to investigate the effects of BML-111 (5(S),6(R),7-trihydroxyheptanoic acid methyl ester), the agonist of lipoxin A₄ receptor, in a model of Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and d-Galactosamine (d-GalN) induced acute(More)
At 90 days of gestation hypophysectomized (hypox) porcine fetuses were treated with hydrocortisone (HC) or thyroxine (T4) and S-V cultures prepared from intact, treated and untreated hypox fetuses at 105 days of gestation. After 24 h, cultures were stained for the AD-3 antigen and the transcription factors, C/EBP alpha and delta. The proportion of(More)
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