Zhong-Hua Zhou

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Three organs of silkworm larva endocrine system, including brain (Br), subesophageal ganglion (SG) and prothoracic glands (PG), were studied employing shotgun LC-MS/MS combined with bioinformatic analysis to comprehensively understand their roles and relations. Totally, 3430, 2683, and 3395 proteins were identified including 1885 common and 652, 253, and(More)
To gain an insight into the effects of different diets on growth and development of the domesticated silkworm at protein level, we employed comparative proteomic approach to investigate the proteomic differences of midgut, hemolymph, fat body and posterior silk gland of the silkworms reared on fresh mulberry leaves and on artificial diet. Seventy-six(More)
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