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This article presents a kind of adaptive robust control strategy for ball and beam system to the modeling uncertainty, and the dissipation theory to the bounded disturbances, the system is both strictly dissipative and asymptotically adaptive stable for all admissible uncertainties. The system's asymptotically stability and robustness are proved by using(More)
It is important that balancing the node's energy consumption effectively in wireless sensor network. We propose a novel double cluster-head routing policy based on clustering hierarchy routing. According to balancing the number of neighbor nodes, surplus energy and distance weights, we adopt first and second cluster-head mode. Cluster heads are responsible(More)
To develop an energy-efficient routing protocol becomes one of the most important and difficult key tasks for wireless sensor networks. Traditional Rumor Routing is effective in random path building but winding or even looped path is prone to be formed, leading to enormous energy wasting. Clustering Rumor Routing proposed in this paper has advantages in(More)
This paper proposes an Extended State Observer (ESO) to achieve the sensorless position control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). An Extended State Observer (ESO) is built according to the back electromotive force (EMF) model. It uses a nonsmooth2 structure to observe all states of the controlled object and the inside and outside disturbance of(More)
Counters have more and more applications in industrial production and become a necessities. The tradition counter can't distinguish the connected-goods in the belt of fertilizer company so a new multifunctional and intelligent counter is designed. This counter has some optoelectronic switch and speed measurement module cooperated to classify which case it(More)
the thesis introduces grey system model and BP neural network. Through making full use of the merits of GM(1.1) and neural network model and overcoming their drawbacks, we construct the grey residue amending combined and prediction model based on BP Neural network, and such combined model as "combined prediction model= tendency prediction(More)
Distance measures [1][2][3] based on the covariance matrix of feature vectors were applied to text-independent speaker verification and identification. However, some of them do not satisfy the symmetric property which is fundamental to a distance measure. In this paper, we propose several symmetric distance measures based on the covariance matrix of feature(More)
A new sensorless speed control method which is based on new sliding-mode observer (SMO) is proposed for permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The main basis of the observer is the back electromotive force (EMF). The rotor speed is estimated by the back EMF observer (BEMFO). The method can be better than low-pass filter in accuracy. In the observer, the(More)
This paper proposes a novel method to estimate the state of charge (SOC) based on a new sliding mode observer (SMO) and an equivalent circuit model (ECM) for lithium-ion batteries. A new sliding mode observer is designed to attain robustness in terms of model errors and uncertainties. The new switching function is chosen for chattering reduction. The(More)
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