Zhong Hu

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An agar-degrading bacterium, Catenovulum sp. X3, was isolated from the seawater of Shantou, China. A novel β-agarase gene agaXa was cloned from the strain Catenovulum sp. X3. The gene agaXa consists of 1,590 bp and encodes a protein of 529 amino acids, with only 40 % amino acid sequence identity with known agarases. AgaXa should belong to the glycoside(More)
Hyperactive is a Matlab graphical user interface (GUI) that can display multidimensional data and analyze it by running different combinations of clustering methods and distance measures. Most of the functions (labeled with ST below) in this program require the Matlab Statistics Toolbox. The hyperspectral images Urban and Terrain we have been working with(More)
We want to segment a region of interest in a (hypespectral) image. Classical gradient-based segmentation methods like active contours and snakes look at all pixels in the image. Ideally, the number of pixels checked would be proportional to the length of the boundary. The solution is to " walk " the boundary. We propose a gradient-free boundary tracking(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are harmful persistent organic pollutants, while the high-molecular-weight (HMW) PAHs are even more detrimental to the environment and human health. However, microbial anaerobic degradation of HMW PAHs has rarely been reported. One facultative anaerobe Pseudomonas sp. JP1 was isolated from Shantou Bay, Shantou, China,(More)
Some of our recent research efforts on the development of computational algorithms for the design of non-isothermal deformation processes will be reviewed. In particular, we will present solutions to a number of mathematical problems of importance to the design of hot forming processes that result in products of desired shape and material state with minimum(More)
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