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The fast Fourier transform (FFT) is an essential tool in digital signal processing and communications. In the applications of the FFT where the required outputs are very sparse, for example, in digital filtering, one may only require the spectrum corresponding to certain bins of the FFT or in narrow frequency windows. In these cases, most of the FFT outputs(More)
As the streaming media files growing larger and larger in size, it inevitably aggravates the network congestion and user perceive latency, to settle problem lots of caching algorithms have been applied in video-on-demand (VOD)system. However, different algorithm is correspondence to an unique caching replacement policy, which limits its applications and the(More)
In RBAC model, a user cannot obtain part permissions of a role, and a role cannot inherit part permissions of another role. The set of permissions cannot be obtained EPSET1 and the set of permissions cannot be inherited EPSET2 are introduced, a fine-grained access control based on RBAC model is proposed in this paper. The algorithms for solving the set of(More)
  • Jun Li, Zhong Hu
  • 2011
Based on the diffrent features between the streaming service and web service, the authors proposed a novel Flow Cycle Caching Algorithm, and prompted 3 new metrics, First Demand Without Delay Rate, Jump Demand Without Delay Rate and Caching Benefit Rate, which fit for streaming media server inherent characteristics of performance standards. Through(More)
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