Zhong Hong Huang

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The current theory of image formation in electron microscopy has been semi-quantitatively successful in describing data. The theory involves parameters due to the transfer function of the microscope (defocus, spherical aberration constant, and amplitude constant ratio) as well as parameters used to describe the background and attenuation of the signal. We(More)
Rapid tooling (RT) has recently become more important due to the requirement of rapid manufacturing. RT can manufacture stronger mold and functional component than rapid prototyping (RP) does. Besides, functional component and production are valued gradually. Functionally graded materials (FGM) technology is proposed to apply to functional component. This(More)
In recent years, Rapid Tooling (RT) has become more important because of the requirement of rapid manufacturing. RT can be used to produce temporary mold, even permanent mold in mass production. RT makes more benefit from design stage to mass production. The objective of this research is to develop the Direct Metallic Rapid Tooling System and identify(More)
At present, Doppler weather radar has been widely used in China. Many areas have been provided with Doppler weather radar, and utilize the internet to interconnect the original data or image data. But interconnected data is usually PPI, and also affected by the scanning elevation and scanning speed, so there are some blind areas at the time of detecting(More)
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