Zhong Ge

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This paper uses Hamiltonian structures to study the problem of the limit of three dimensional elastic models to shell and rod models. In the case of shells, we show that the Hamiltonian structure for a three dimensional elastic body converges, in a sense made precise, to that for a shell model described by a one-director Cosserat surface as the thickness(More)
The molecular regulation of growth of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is yet to be fully clarified. Here we found a significantly higher ratio of phosphorylated β-catenin (phos-β-cat) to β-catenin (β-cat) as an indicator of an activated Wnt signaling, with significantly higher levels of c-myc and transcription factor activating protein-4 (AP-4) and a(More)
This study proposes the concept of the local heat loss coefficient and examines the calculation method for the average heat loss coefficient and the average absorber plate temperature. It also presents an exergy analysis model of flat plate collectors, considering non-uniformity in temperature distribution along the absorber plate. The computation results(More)
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