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This paper studies the problem of Raptor-code design for binary-input AWGN (BIAWGN) channels using the mean-LLR-EXIT chart approach presented in [1]. We report that there exist situations where such a design approach may fail or fail to produce capacity-achieving codes, for certain ranges of channel SNR. Suggestions and discussions are provided pertaining(More)
Currently, there is still a lack of an optimal treatment for no reflow phenomenon (NRP). We analyzed the efficacy and safety of using nondihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists (NDHP, verapamil/diltiazem) in patients suffering from NRP. Eight RCTs with 494 participants were eligible for analysis. The pooling analysis showed that intracoronary(More)
We previously reported significantly enhanced cardiac remodeling post aortocaval fistula (AV) in unilateral nephrectomized (UNX) rats. However, the relationship between the size of the AV and the cardiorenal effects in UNX rats remains unknown. In the present study, AV was induced by 20, 18 and 16 gauge needles in UNX rats to see if larger shunt would(More)
It has been widely acknowledged that regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is linked with a relatively low incidence of cancers (e.g. breast, cervix, and colon). Notably, dietary polyphenolic compounds that show some structural similarity to human estrogen, e.g. isoflavones, coumestans, lignans, flavones, have been proposed to play a role in(More)
We show that the set of competitive equilibrium points of a pure exchange economy are the equilibrium points of a broader class of better-response demands than the usual utility-maximizing demand functions. The better-response demands are derived from assigning weights to all commodity bundles with higher utility than the current commodity bundle, with the(More)
By allowing the overlap execution of computation and communication, a multi-round algorithm with inter-node scheduling and intra-node scheduling for divisible loads is presented on the heterogeneous cluster systems of multi-core computers, which have different number of processing cores and distinct computation, communication and memory abilities. The(More)
A novel classifier was constructed in the present paper by combination of an improved canonical variates analysis (ICVA) with Fish linear discriminant analysis (LDA). The resulting discrimination model based on this proposed approach (ICVA-LDA) was divided into two parts: the inner part that estimated the robust weight vector of canonical variates by linear(More)