Zhong-Can Ou-Yang

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– The maximum matching problem on random graphs is studied analytically by the cavity method of statistical physics. When the average vertex degree c is larger than 2.7183, groups of max-matching patterns which differ greatly from each other gradually emerge. An analytical expression for the max-matching size is also obtained, which agrees well with(More)
Using polymer elastic theory and known RNA free energies, we construct a Monte Carlo algorithm to simulate the single RNA folding and unfolding by mechanical force on the secondary structure level. For the constant force ensemble, we simulate the force-extension curves of the P5ab, P5abc deltaA, and P5abc molecules in equilibrium. For the constant extension(More)
Recently experiments showed that some adhesive receptor-ligand complexes increase their lifetimes when they are stretched by mechanical force, while the force increase beyond some thresholds their lifetimes decrease. Several specific chemical kinetic models have been developed to explain the intriguing transitions from the " catch-bonds " to the "(More)
The complete energy expression of a deformed single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) is derived in the continuum limit from the local density approximation model proposed by Lenosky et al. and shows to be content with the classic shell theory by which the Young's modulus, the Poisson ratio and the effective wall thickness of SWNTs are obtained as Y = 4.70TPa,(More)
The microtubule assembly process has been extensively studied, but the underlying molecular mechanism remains poorly understood. The structure of an artificially generated sheet polymer that alternates two types of lateral contacts and that directly converts into microtubules, has been proposed to correspond to the intermediate sheet structure observed(More)
The fidelity of DNA replication by DNA polymerase (DNAP) has long been an important issue in biology. While numerous experiments have revealed details of the molecular structure and working mechanism of DNAP which consists of both a polymerase site and an exonuclease (proofreading) site, there were quite a few theoretical studies on the fidelity issue. The(More)
In the past two decades, under the conditions that both the osmotic pressure ∆p and tensile stress λ equal zero, a rigorous solution (RS) of human red blood cell (RBC) with a minus spontaneous curvature c0 has been derived with Helfrich model. And, by fitting with observed shapes of RBC, c0R0 has been predicted to be-1.62 as minus golden ratio, where R0 is(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is an important tool for understanding bio-molecules in microscopic temporal/spatial scales. Besides the demand in improving simulation techniques to approach experimental scales, it becomes more and more crucial to develop robust methodology for precisely and objectively interpreting massive MD simulation data. In our(More)