Zhong-Bin Wang

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In order to improve the performance of robot dexterous hand, a controller based on GA-fuzzy-immune PID was designed. The control system of a robot dexterous hand and mathematical model of an index finger were presented. Moreover, immune mechanism was applied to the controller design and an improved approach through integration of GA and fuzzy inference was(More)
In order to realize the remote monitoring for the shearer in the fully mechanized long-wall coal mining face, the remote monitoring platform of the shearer was developed by using Virtual-Prototype technology. The platform utilized virtual reality software Virtools and its software development kit to build the shearer’s Virtual-Prototype same as the(More)
Different manufacturing enterprises need the different CAPP systems, which interrupts popularization of CAPP. In order to improve expansibility, reusability and dynamic adaptability of CAPP system, the work mechanism of an intelligent CAPP system based on multi-agent system was investigated, and this paper researched on the architecture and function of the(More)
According to the disadvantage of low precision and big error in previous shearer positioning system, the author proposes a new design concept: using the sensor information of shearer, scraper conveyor and hydraulic supports to define the shearer's position which is called "three-machine position", combining the sensor information of motion state and static(More)
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