Zhizhou Zhang

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The pi calculus has been applied to modelling biochemical networks. In these applications, the modelling is done without considerations to exceptions. The Ipi calculus, the Interference pi calculus, is introduced to describe the signal transduction with aberrance. The calculus is obtained by adding two aberrant actions into the pi calculus and a tag system(More)
We have developed a calculus, called Ipi, for describing the aberrance in biological models. Our approach extends the traditional pi calculus to handle aberrant process in the signal transduction. In this paper we propose a typing system that replaces the tag system of Ipi calculus. It is shown that the typing system is equal to the tag system in terms of(More)
In this work, we reported the investigation on the interaction between DNA strands self-assembled at gold electrodes and an electron transfer protein, cytochrome c. We observed that cytochrome c exhibited well-defined electrochemistry in both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA films. This suggested that the electron transfer reaction of cytochrome c(More)