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In this paper, thermal mixing characteristics of two miscible fluids in a T-shaped microchannel are investigated theoretically, experimentally, and numerically. Thermal mixing processes in a T-shaped microchannel are divided into two zones, consisting of a T-junction and a mixing channel. An analytical two-dimensional model was first built to describe the(More)
Droplets moving in meandering microchannels can serve as a passive and robust strategy to produce chaotic mixing of species in droplet-based microfluidics. In this paper, a simplified theoretical model is proposed for plug-shaped droplets moving in meandering microchannels at Stokes flow. With this model to provide the velocity field, particle tracking,(More)
The impact of droplets on liquid films is ubiquitous in natural and industrial processes, and surfactants can significantly alter the impact process by changing the local surface tension. Here we study the impact of droplets on liquid films in the presence of surfactant using high-speed photography, and reveal the flow pattern by dye-tracing. The effects of(More)
The impact of droplets on an inclined falling liquid film is studied experimentally using high-speed imaging. The falling film is created on a flat substrate with controllable thicknesses and flow rates. Droplets with different sizes and speeds are used to study the impact process under various Ohnesorge and Weber numbers, and film Reynolds numbers. A(More)
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