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This paper discusses how to efficiently choose from n unknown distributions the k ones whose means are the greatest by a certain metric, up to a small relative error. We study the topic under two standard settings—multi-armed bandits and hidden bipartite graphs—which differ in the nature of the input distributions. In the former setting, each distribution(More)
The suffix array is a fundamental data structure for many applications that involve string searching and data compression. Designing time/space-efficient suffix array construction algorithms has attracted significant attentions and considerable advances have been made in the last 20 years. We obtain the suffix array construction algorithms that are optimal(More)
e topologies of predictable dynamic networks are continuously dynamic in terms of node position, network connectivity and link metric. However, their dynamics are almost predictable compared with the ad-hoc network. e existing routing protocols speciic to static or ad-hoc network do not consider this predictability and thus are not very eecient for some(More)
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