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The fault diagnosis system of a pH neutralization process is developed using the hybrid approach of NeurOn-Line neural networks application with a modified radial basis function (RBF) learning algorithm and G2 real-time knowledge based intelligent expert system building technology. Firstly, a brief description and modeling of the pH neutralization process(More)
In this paper, we propose an evolving network model growing fast in units of module, based on the analysis of the evolution characteristics in real complex networks. Each module is a small-world network containing several interconnected nodes, and the nodes between the modules are linked by preferential attachment on degree of nodes. We study the modularity(More)
In order to accurately evaluate the implementation of Area Traffic Control (ATC) system, two situations were compared in this paper, i.e., comparison of intersection performance under two different operation conditions before and after the application of ATC system. Based on floating car theorem, this paper investigated the average intersection delay and(More)
Small electric-heating reactors are widely used in chemical experiments, fine and special chemical production processes. Because of their large time-delay, strong nonlinearity and time-varying properties, they are difficult to control accurately using the ordinary PID controller with fixed PID parameters. By summarizing the PID tuning experience and(More)
Predictive Functional Control (PFC) algorithm is a kind of Model Predictive Control (MPC) algorithms, and PFC is suitable for control of fast processes with its unique feature that is able to follow up a target or set point with no lag. In this paper, the PFC strategy is extended to linear discrete-time system input/output difference equation model, and a(More)
The flow sheet and operation principle of a liquid filling process was briefly discussed, and the dynamic simulation mathematic models of the filling process were developed in detail using the mass balance equations, gas state equations and historical process data. Based on the intelligent process control (IPC) simulation mode, the overall structure and the(More)
—The GO Methodology, which is a methodology of system reliability, is applied to the reliability analysis of urban road network system. According to the basic theory of GO Methodology, An urban road network system consists of traffic flow input system, path system and traffic flow output system. The GO operators which are similar to these systems are(More)
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