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In this paper, we present a strategy whose purpose is to reduce the vulnerability of a network via inserting modular topologies. The modular topologies are generated as WS small-world random network, which is relatively highly robust. Using betweenness and betweenness centrality as the vulnerability measurement, the strategy searches for remote nodes with(More)
In this paper, we propose an evolving network model growing fast in units of module, based on the analysis of the evolution characteristics in real complex networks. Each module is a small-world network containing several interconnected nodes, and the nodes between the modules are linked by preferential attachment on degree of nodes. We study the modularity(More)
In order to accurately evaluate the implementation of Area Traffic Control (ATC) system, two situations were compared in this paper, i.e., comparison of intersection performance under two different operation conditions before and after the application of ATC system. Based on floating car theorem, this paper investigated the average intersection delay and(More)
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