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BACKGROUND The study aimed to prospectively observe the clinical and neuroimaging features of pontine infarction with pure motor hemiparesis (PMH) or hemiplegia at early stage. METHODS In 118 consecutive selected patients with the first-ever ischemic stroke within 6 hours after onset, fifty of them presented with PMH or hemiplegia and had negative acute(More)
Microcephaly (MCPH) is a developmental disorder characterized by reduced brain size and intellectual disability. A proportion of microcephaly is caused by defects in a single gene. Microcephaly 2 (MCPH2) is one of the most frequent subtypes of MCPH.WD repeat-containing protein 62 gene (WDR62) is the most frequently mutated gene in MCPH2 patients. Phenotypes(More)
Volvariella volvacea, usually harvested in its egg stage, is one of the most popular mushrooms in Asia. The rapid transition from the egg stage to elongation stage, during which the stipe stretches to almost full length leads to the opening of the cap and rupture of the universal veil, and is considered to be one of the main factors that negatively impacts(More)
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