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Obtaining fully functional cell types is a major challenge for drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Currently, a fundamental solution to this key problem is still lacking. Here, we show that functional human induced hepatocytes (hiHeps) can be generated from fibroblasts by overexpressing the hepatic fate conversion factors HNF1A, HNF4A, and HNF6 along(More)
BACKGROUND While vaccines not covered by China's Expanded Program on Immunization can be received voluntarily with out-of-pocket payment, the uptake of self-paid vaccines in China is low. OBJECTIVE To investigate willingness to pay (WTP) for self-paid vaccines and its determinants in China. METHODS We interviewed 2160 randomly selected households with(More)
BACKGROUND In 2009, China started an impressive national healthcare system reform. One of the key components is to promote equity in access to essential healthcare services including chronic disease management. We assessed the changes in hypertension management and its equity before and after China's healthcare reform in 2009. METHODS We used data from(More)
BACKGROUND China is reforming and restructuring its health insurance system to achieve the goal of universal coverage. This study aims to understand the determinants of public, private and multiple insurance coverage among people of retirement-age in China. METHODS We used data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey 2011 and 2013, a(More)
To study mucosal immunity and conduct HIV vaccine trials, it is important to be able to cryopreserve mucosal specimens and recover them in functional viable form. Obtaining a good recovery depends, in part, on cooling the cells at the appropriate rate, which is determined by the rate of water transport across the cell membrane during the cooling process. In(More)
Spinning reserve capacity is a key issue affecting the security and efficiency of power system operation. On the basis of discussing the characteristics of power system dynamic frequency progress, this paper focuses on the influence of spinning reserve capacity and distribution on the dynamic characteristics of large scale power system frequency. Lots of(More)
The private health care sector has become an increasingly important complement to China's health care system. During the health care reform in 2009, China's central government established multiple initiatives to relax constraints on the growth of the private health care sector. However, private health services have not been growing as rapidly as private(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the association between structural social capital and public health services use, and explored the modifiable effect of neighbourhood factors on this association among domestic migrants in China. METHODS Data were from a 2014 nationally representative cross-sectional sample of domestic migrants aged 15-59 years in China.(More)
The introduction of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) in rural China has been the most rapid and dramatic extension of health insurance coverage in the developing world in this millennium. The literature to date has mainly used the uneven rollout of NCMS across counties as a way of identifying its effects on access to care and financial protection.(More)
Large frequency deviation during transient progress has effects on system stability, primary components security and products quality. Online monitoring and security analysis on frequency based on the wide-area measurement system have great significance. A wide area data collecting system from 220V user side is introduced. A method to quantitatively assess(More)