Zhiyuan Chen

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In this paper, an ultra-compact single-chip solar energy harvesting IC using on-chip solar cell for biomedical implant applications is presented. By employing an on-chip charge pump with parallel connected photodiodes, a 3.5 × efficiency improvement can be achieved when compared with the conventional stacked photodiode approach to boost the harvested(More)
We propose an optical method based on Rayleigh scattering for the direct measurement of cluster tracks produced by a high-pressure gas jet. The tracks of the argon and methane clusters are acquired by a high-speed camera. It is found that the cluster sizes of these tracks are within the range of 7E + 03~1E + 07 for argon and 2E + 06~4E + 08 for methane.(More)
— Wavelet Package Threshold Algorithm (WPTA) is an effective tool for reducing noise from speech signals. Threshold method plays a key role inWPTA. Invariant threshold method, which is commonly used, can lead to severe loss of speech information because of unchanged thresholds. In this paper, three adaptive threshold methods are investigated: Time-Frequency(More)
Monte Carlo simulations are employed to investigate the dynamic behavior in a polydisperse granular media with fractal size distribution. The dispersion of size distribution can be described by a fractal dimension d f, and the smooth hard disks are engaged in a two-dimensional horizontal rectangular box, colliding inelastically with each other and driven by(More)
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