Zhiyuan An

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With the increasing popularity of the Internet, the use of multimedia information is increasing, therefore, copyright protection of multimedia information has become a very urgent task. The most studied technique is the digital watermark. It can effectively identify media ownership, and media legitimate user information. This paper studies the LSB(More)
Buffer overflow is a kind of serious security problem, it is due to lack of experience of programmers and testing is not brought, and is a relatively common form of hacking attacks. This article first explains the composition of the process in memory, the concept of a buffer overflow, and analyzes the principle of buffer overflow by example, Finally, an(More)
P2P (Peer to Peer) technology is a network technology which is based on equality. Use of P2P technology in the wide area network to transmit multimedia data, each node can provide resources as sever, so it can improve transmission efficiency. However, in the LAN, multicast data can be simultaneously sent to multiple recipients, so it has more advantages,(More)
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