Zhiyu Xiang

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Environmental perception is one of the most difficult problems on the research of off-road autonomous vehicles. This paper describes a multi-sensor data fusion based environmental perception system for off-road autonomous navigation. The system is composed of one camera, four laser range finders, one microwave radar, and several ultrasonic sensors. A(More)
A novel and practical self-calibration method for misaligned non-central catadioptric cameras is proposed in this paper. Without the aid of any special calibration patterns in the scene, the developed method is able to automatically estimate the pose parameters of the mirror with respect to the perspective camera. First it uses the ellipse corresponding to(More)
Efficient and precise localization is a prerequisite for the intelligent navigation of mobile robots. Traditional visual localization systems, such as visual odometry (VO) and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), suffer from two shortcomings: a drift problem caused by accumulated localization error, and erroneous motion estimation due to(More)