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RFamide-related peptide-3 (RFRP-3) has been proposed as a key inhibitory regulator of mammalian reproduction. To further determine the potential mechanisms and sites of action of RFRP-3, we systematically investigated the direct effect of RFRP-3 on the female pig reproductive axis in vitro. Initially, we confirmed that G protein-coupled receptor 147(More)
RF undulators, suggested long time ago, has the advantage of fast dynamic control of polarization, undulator strength and wavelength. However, RF undulators require very strong RF fields in order to produce radiation of the same order as conventional static devices. Very high power RF energy confined inside a waveguide or a cavity can provide the necessary(More)
Neuromedin B is one member of a family of bombesin-like peptides, which performs a variety of physiological functions via their receptor (NMBR) in most mammals. However, the genes encoding NMB and NMBR and their functions especially reproduction of the pigs are currently not fully understood. To research the physiological functions of NMB, we cloned and(More)
Antifungal activities of crude extractum of Nanshancha Seed Cake (NSC), to inactivate postharvest pathogens were investigated. Highest inhibitory rate was found against C. musae, C. gloeosporioides and C. papaya P.Henn, which was much stronger than that by tea saponin. Compared to tea saponin, effects of NSC extractum was relatively weak and similar on C.(More)
1.1 General Scheme of Technical Trading Analysis with Machine Learning • Step 1: Forecast prices of certain financial instruments by studying past prices; • Step 2: Practiced certain technical trading rules based on the forecast results; • Step 3: Complete related summary statistics concerning security trading. 1.2 Our Approach • Construct forecasting based(More)
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