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MapReduce is a widely used parallel programming model and computing platform. With MapReduce, it is very easy to develop scalable parallel programs to process data-intensive applications on clusters of commodity machines. However, it does not directly support heterogeneous related data sets processing, which is common in operations like spatial joins. This(More)
Cloud computing infrastructure is a promising new technology and greatly accelerates the development of large scale data storage, processing and distribution. However, security and privacy become major concerns when data owners outsource their private data onto public cloud servers that are not within their trusted management domains. To avoid information(More)
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly prevalent in recent years. It introduces an efficient way to achieve management flexibility and economic savings for distributed applications. To take advantage of computing and storage resources offered by cloud service providers, data owners must outsource their data onto public cloud servers which are not within(More)
In DHT based P2P systems, various issues such as peer heterogeneity, network topology, and diverse file popularity, may affect the DHT system efficiency. In this paper, we propose an effective load balancing algorithm for DHT-Based P2P systems. Our main contributions are: (1) we propose an fully distributed mechanism to maintain the history of file access(More)
We address the stability of multipole-mode solitons in nonlocal Kerr-type nonlinear media. Such solitons comprise several out-of-phase peaks packed together by the forces acting between them. We discover that dipole-, triple-, and quadrupole-mode solitons can be made stable, whereas all higher-order soliton bound states are unstable.
We reveal a generic connection between the effect of time reversals and nonlinear wave dynamics in systems with parity-time (PT ) symmetry, considering a symmetric optical coupler with balanced gain and loss where these effects can be directly observed experimentally. We show that for intensities below a threshold level, the amplitudes oscillate between the(More)
Multimedia applications are fast becoming one of the dominating workloads for modern computer systems. Since these applications normally have large data sets and little data-reuse, many researchers believe that they have poor memory behavior compared to traditional programs, and that current cache architectures cannot handle them well. It is therefore(More)