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Predictive modeling of landslide hazards in Wen County, northwestern China based on information value, weights-of-evidence, and certainty factor
Abstract Landslide susceptibility mapping is essential in delineating landslide prone areas in mountainous regions. The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate landslide susceptibility mappingExpand
Title Evaluation and improvements of two community models in simulating dry deposition velocities for peroxyacetyl nitrate ( PAN ) over a coniferous forest Permalink
[1] Dry deposition velocities (Vd) for peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) calculated using two community dry deposition models with different treatments of both stomatal and nonstomatal uptakes wereExpand
Evaluation and improvements of two community models in simulating dry deposition velocities for peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) over a coniferous forest
Exchange Model (Noah-GEM) were only 0.2 cm s � 1 and 0.6 cm s � 1 , respectively. The observations also showed considerable PAN deposition at night with typical Vd values of 0.2–0.6 cm s � 1 , whileExpand
A conceptual prediction model for seasonal drought processes using atmospheric and oceanic standardized anomalies: Application to regional drought processes in China
Abstract. Reliable drought prediction is fundamental for water resource managers to develop and implement drought mitigation measures. Considering that drought development is closely related to theExpand
An Integration Approach for Mapping Field Capacity of China Based on Multi-Source Soil Datasets
Field capacity is one of the most important soil hydraulic properties in water cycle, agricultural irrigation, and drought monitoring. It is difficult to obtain the distribution of field capacity onExpand
Anomalous Features of Water Vapor Transport during Severe Summer and Early Fall Droughts in Southwest China
Water vapor transport (WVT) is an important element in drought development. In this study, we examined the geographical and vertical anomalies of WVT during severe summer and early fall droughtExpand
Climate and drought risk regionalisation in China based on probabilistic aridity and drought index.
The general approach to drought regionalisation regards the multi-year average values of drought indexes as regionalisation indicators, without taking long-term variability into account. This type ofExpand
An Evaluation of the Performance and the Contribution of Different Modified Water Demand Estimates in Drought Modeling Over Water‐stressed Regions
The lack of reliable estimation of water demand in drought study has been an important obstacle in efforts for characterizing the variability of water consumption and its effects on droughtExpand
Spatio-temporal analysis of drought in a typical plain region based on the soil moisture anomaly percentage index.
Drought strongly affects the agricultural economy, most severely in plain regions, with prosperous agricultural development, which suffer huge economic losses. An effective index is required toExpand
Improvement of a combination of TMPA (or IMERG) and ground-based precipitation and application to a typical region of the East China Plain.
Hydrological model and water resource assessment performance are highly dependent on the quality of the precipitation input, which can be improved by means of the optimal interpolation method for theExpand