Zhiyong Duan

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Active contour method is widely used in the image processing field. Recently, it has been used in object segmentation and has attracted great attention. However, most of the existing object segmentation methods based on active contours are complex and time-consuming. They cannot be used in some real-time applications. Hence, in this paper, a fast and(More)
This paper investigates the effect of DEM resolution on the delineation of three catchments in Mississippi: Jourdan and Wolf river catchments (sub-basins of the Saint Louis Bay watershed in the Gulf coast) and Luxapalilla watershed. The paper also discusses the implications of different watershed segmentations on parameter values exported to HSPF. Two(More)
The common pathogens in aquaculture are very different from those in terrestrial animals. The objective of this study was to isolate probiotic strain (s) from the digestive tract of healthy white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei which was effective against aquatic animal pathogens. The putative probiotic strain S12 was identified as Bacillus subtilis based on(More)
We construct the effective Lagrangian describing the low energy excitations for Quantum Chromodynamics with two flavors at high density. The non-linear realization framework is employed to properly construct the low energy effective theory. The light degrees of freedom, as required by ’t Hooft anomaly conditions, contain massless fermions which we properly(More)
Traditional EBCOT algorithm encodes an image with the same block-based coding strategy and it is difficult to acquire perceptually consistent results. This paper presents an improved object-based embedded coding algorithm to enhance the flexibility and coding efficiency of the original EBCOT algorithm. The original image is segmented into objects and each(More)
Rate control is a key technology in the fields of video coding and transmission, and it has attracted a great attention and has been studied extensively. The TM5 framework of MPEG-2 is a classical rate control algorithm and has being widely used. However, it has some underlying drawbacks during practical applications such as the poor rate control precision(More)
An improved frame-level bit-allocation and rate-control algorithm is proposed aiming at overcoming the drawbacks of TM5 rate-control algorithm such as poor rate-control precision, high computational complexity and so on. The frame-level target bit-allocation method is improved and a new rate-distortion model is incorporated to implement rate-prediction.(More)
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