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—In distributed storage systems that use coding, the issue of minimizing the communication required to rebuild a storage node after a failure arises. We consider the problem of repairing an erased node in a distributed storage system that uses an EVENODD code. EVENODD codes are maximum distance separable (MDS) array codes that are used to protect against(More)
—Maximum distance separable (MDS) array codes are widely used in storage systems to protect data against erasures. We address the rebuilding ratio problem, namely, in the case of era-sures, what is the fraction of the remaining information that needs to be accessed in order to rebuild exactly the lost information? It is clear that when the number of(More)
With the emergence of many-core architectures, it is quite likely that multiple applications will run concurrently on a system. Existing locally and globally adaptive routing algorithms largely overlook issues associated with workload consolidation. The shortsightedness of locally adaptive routing algorithms limits performance due to poor network congestion(More)
With the SIMT execution model, GPUs can hidememory latency through massive multithreading for many applications that have regular memory access patterns. To support applications with irregular memory access patterns, cache hierarchies have been introduced to GPU architectures to capture temporal and spatial locality and mitigate the effect of irregular(More)
An accurate and highly-efficient performance analysis approach is extremely important for the early-stage designs of network-on-chip. In this paper, the novel M/G/I/N queuing models for generic routers are proposed to analyze various packet blockings and then the performance analysis algorithm is presented to estimate some key metrics in terms of packet(More)