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We explored how contour information in primary visual cortex might be embedded in the simultaneous activity of multiple cells recorded with a 100-electrode array. Synchronous activity in cat visual cortex was more selective and predictable in discriminating between drifting grating and concentric ring stimuli than changes in firing rate. Synchrony was found(More)
Spatiotemporal relationships among contour segments can influence synchronization of neural responses in the primary visual cortex. We performed a systematic study to dissociate the impact of spatial and temporal factors in the signaling of contour integration via synchrony. In addition, we characterized the temporal evolution of this process to clarify(More)
Tactile discrimination depends on integration of information from the discrete receptive fields (RFs) of peripheral sensory afferents. Because this information is processed over a hierarchy of subcortical nuclei and cortical areas, the integration likely occurs at multiple levels. The current study presents results indicating that neurons across most of the(More)
Receptive fields of neurons in somatosensory area 3b of monkeys are typically described as restricted to part of a single digit or palm pad. However, such neurons are likely involved in integrating stimulus information from across the hand. To evaluate this possibility, we recorded from area 3b neurons in anesthetized owl monkeys with 100-electrode arrays,(More)
Gap junctional channels between cells provide a pathway for exchange of regulatory ions and small molecules. We previously demonstrated that expression of connexins and cell-to-cell communication parallel osteoblastic differentiation and that nonspecific pharmacological inhibitors of gap junctional communication inhibit alkaline phosphatase activity. In(More)
The correlated discharges of cortical neurons in primary somatosensory cortex are a potential source of information about somatosensory stimuli. One aspect of neuronal correlations that has not been well studied is how the spatiotemporal properties of tactile stimuli affect the presence and magnitude of correlations. We presented single- and dual-point(More)
—In massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, acquisition of the channel state information at the transmitter side (CSIT) is crucial. In this paper, a practical CSIT estimation scheme is proposed for frequency division duplexing (FDD) massive MIMO systems. Specifically, each received pilot symbol is first quantized to one bit per dimension at(More)
We describe a case of dural angioleiomyoma (ALM) of the middle cranial fossa. A 62-year-old man was referred to our center for fracture of the left clavicle because of a fall, and he had a sudden seizure during admission. The mass was completely resected. The tumor base was located at the bottom of the temporal lobe in the front of the petrous apex and near(More)