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BACKGROUND Pulmonary vascular medial hypertrophy in hypoxic pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is caused in part by decreased apoptosis in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs). Puerarin, an isoflavone purified from the Chinese medicinal herb kudzu, ameliorates chronic hypoxic PAH in animal models. Here we investigated the effects of puerarin on(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Results from observational epidemiologic studies on the relationship between coffee consumption and gastric cancer are inconsistent and inconclusive. To assess the association between coffee consumption and the risk of gastric cancer, we summarized evidence from prospective cohort studies. METHODS Relevant studies were retrieved(More)
Resveratrol-4-O-D-(2'-galloyl)-glucopyranoside (RESG) is one of the active compounds isolated from Polygonum cuspidatum. The purpose of our present study was to investigate the anti-hepatocellular carcinoma effect of RESG in vitro and in vivo, and the possible mechanisms in vitro. In vitro, our results showed that RESG could significantly inhibit the human(More)
Advances in machine learning technology have made efficient image denoising possible. In this paper, we propose a new ridgelet support vector machine (RSVM) for image noise reduction. Multiscale ridgelet support vector filter (MRSVF) is first deduced from RSVM, to produce a multiscale, multidirection, undecimated, dyadic, aliasing, and shift-invariant(More)
In recent years, pictures and videos have become ubiquitous on the Internet, which encourage the development of algorithm that analyze their semantic contents for detecting topics. Among them, topic modeling plays an essential role in discovering topics from document collections. However, with rich auxiliary information (such as geo-information,(More)
Online heterogenous data is springing up while the data has the rich auxiliary information (e.g. pictures and videos) around the text. However, traditional topic models are suffering from the limitations to discover the topics effectively from the cross-media data. Incorporating with the convolutional neural network (CNN) feature, we propose a novel image(More)