Zhiyao Joseph Yang

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—With an increasing trend to implement Network-on-Chip (NoC)-based Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chips (MPSoCs), NoCs need to have guaranteed services and be dynamically reconfigurable. Many current NoCs consume too much area and cannot support dynamic reconfiguration. In this paper, we present an area-efficient Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM)-based NoC.(More)
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), as a novel video coding standard, has shown a better coding efficiency than all existing standards, such as H.264/AVC. It adopts a lot of new efficient coding tools, the most important one is the new hierarchical structures which include the coding unit (CU), prediction unit (PU) and transform unit (TU). However, the(More)
Simulation of physics plays an important role in many fields such as engineering, science, and education. There are many simulation tools for various types of applications, including those for physics. In this paper, we describe a physics simulation engine we developed based on the concepts and models in SodaConstructor, a construction tool kit for learning(More)
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