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A complete list of this memo-series is available in a PDF® format at: Abstract We develop a new indicator of labour market tightness, based on the pure calendar time changes in individuals' transition rates from unemployment to employment. Based on Norwegian register data from the 1989-2002 period, we show that this indicator , in contrast to the aggregate(More)
In manufacturing systems with large variety of products, small- to medium-size production runs are typically carried out according to the customers' orders. When the volume of a production run is small, the production system operates partially (or entirely) in the transient regime and the traditional steady-state analysis may become inapplicable. In this(More)
Market power in the market for greenhouse gas emissions permits – the interplay with the fossil fuel markets. 21pp. On the sustainable program in Solow's model. 11 pp. No 32 Geir B. Asheim and Wolfgang Buchholz A General Approach to Welfare Measurement through National Income Accounting. 21 pp. Abstract Following Arrow et al. (2003), this paper considers(More)
To What Extent Is a Transition into Employment Associated with an Exit from Poverty?. 34 pp. No 39 Atle Seierstad Piecewise deterministic optimal control problems. 86 pp. Green consumers and public policy: On socially contingent moral motivation. 25 pp. Abstract It has often been claimed that firms' compliance to environmental regulations is higher than(More)
A user-based tourist attraction recommender system is developed in this paper. The recommender system is constructed as an online application which is capable of generating a personalized list of preference attractions for the tourist. Modern technologies of classical recommender system, such as collaborative filtering are considered to be effectively(More)
With the fast development of Internet, web pages created by web spam which aimed at cheating the search engine and increasing rankings in the search results are prevailing. Web spam is a big problem for today's search engine; therefore it is necessary for search engines to be able to detect web spam during crawling. The web spam detection problem is viewed(More)
A complete list of this memo-series is available in a PDF® format at: Abstract In this paper we discuss a general framework for analyzing labor supply behavior in the presence of complicated budget-and quantity constraints of which some are unobserved. The point of departure is that an individual's labor supply decision can be considered as a choice from a(More)