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Compressional seismic wave reflected off the Earth's inner core boundary (ICB) from earthquakes occurring in the Banda Sea and recorded at the Hi-net stations in Japan exhibits significant variations in travel time (from -2 to 2.5 s) and amplitude (with a factor of more than 4) across the seismic array. Such variations indicate that Earth's ICB is(More)
We construct a coseismic deformation interferogram for the April 2010 Yushu earthquakes using ALOS/PALSAR data from the ascending track (path 487). We then infer the trace of the Yushu fault using the coherence image, and we build five fault models for the Yushu fault. To determine the fault geometry parameters that give the best fit to the coseismic(More)
The paper presents a comparative study of audio compression using multiple transformation techniques. Audio compression with different transform techniques like Discrete Cosine Transform, Wavelet Transform, Wavelet Packet Transform (W. P. T) & Cosine Packet Transform is analyzed and compression ratio for each of the transformation techniques is obtained.(More)
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