Zhiyan Wang

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BACKGROUND Cognitive theorists relate anxiety disorders to the way in which emotional information is processed. The existing research suggests that patients with anxiety disorders tend to allocate their attention toward threat-related information selectively, and this may differ among different types of anxious subjects. The aim of this study was to explore(More)
Correlation has been used extensively in object detection field. In this paper, two kinds of correlation filters, minimum average correlation energy (MACE) and extended maximum average correlation height (EMACH), are applied as adaptive shift locators to detect and locate smudgy character strings in complex tabular color flight coupon images. These strings(More)
A novel technique is presented in this paper to extract strings in color images of both Business Settlement Plan (BSP) and non-BSP airline coupon. The essential concept is to remove non-text pixels from complex coupon images, rather than extract strings directly. First we transfer color images from RGB to HSV space, which is approximate uniformed, and then(More)
A novel image thresholding method using improved particle swarm optimization is proposed in this paper. Unlike tradition thresholding methods, the proposed method search the optimal threshold based on the movements of particles without the criterion function. Experiments and comparisons show that the proposed method is a fast, stable and effective image(More)
A supercritical (SC) or ultra-supercritical (USC) once-through boiler unit is a typical multi-variable system with large inertia and non-linear, slow time-variant, time-delay characteristics, which often makes the coordinated control quality deteriorate under wide-range load-changing conditions, and thus influences the unit load response speed and leads to(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet and the explosive growth of the Internet information, massive data processing gets more and more attention of people. This paper does a deep discussion and research on the popular massive data processing technology, such as Google Bigtable data model, Google GFS distributed system, Google Map/Reduce programming(More)