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This paper presents an improvedmodel for improving headway-based bus route service reliability at bus stops using real-time preventive operation control, taking into account dynamic interaction among random passenger demand, stochastic driving conditions of route segments, and vehicle load capacity constraint. In this model, the real-time information of(More)
In management science, intelligent management that combines artificial intelligence with management science is an important research direction of management science. The efficiency question is the core of logistics system management, this paper analyses the operation efficiency of its every subsystem and set up index system of comprehensive evaluating(More)
Aiming at decreasing average passenger waiting time at stops, headway adherence was used to measure the route-level transit service reliability for high frequency bus route services. Considering the fluctuation of passenger demand and the stochastic nature of running time on road segments, a bus-following model was built to prevent service unreliability on(More)
Based on the uncertainty characteristic about produce in the plant and demand of customer, a fuzzy chance constrained programming optimization model is presented. In the proposed model, the stochastic variables are converted into fuzzy parameters by a new method. Then, a revised hybrid genetic algorithm is developed to solve the proposed model, which are(More)
This article presents global optimization algorithm for globally solving the nonlinear sum of ratios problem (NRS) on nonconvex feasible region. Two folds are presented. Firstly, a problem (P1) is derived which is equivalent to problem (NRS). Second, by utilizing the parametric linearization relaxation method, initial non-convex nonlinear problem (NRS) is(More)
With the increasingly drastic competition in the market, consumers’ minds are more and more complex, and the demand fluctuation of product is more and more frequent, and the demand forecasting is more and more important for the management decision-making for enterprises. Based on the phase-space reconstruction of the original demand data by the chaos(More)
The paper studies the optimum pricing of the professional sale-driven distribution center of which the demand and supply are stochastic. A model is set up to reflect the dynamic inventory of the distribution center. The term to avoid bankruptcy is analysis. (Conditions to avoid bankruptcy is analyzed) The optimistic margin of the professional sale-driven(More)
This paper proposes an optimal selection method to address the real-world problem of environmentally friendly supplier selection, based on prospect theory. This study adopted the manufacturer’s point of view, and considered the manufacturer’s psychological and behavioral factors in the process of choosing suppliers. The first step was to build(More)
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