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In view of the existing problems of synchronous motor vector control system with mechanical sensor, sensor less motor control technology of synchronous motor is studied. A novel rotor position estimation method without mechanical sensor was suggested in this paper based on high-frequency signals injection into the rotor. With the structure of the(More)
First-principle calculations of the electronic structure and magnetic interaction of GaN:Gd have been performed within the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) of the density functional theory with the on-site Coulomb energy U taken into account (also referred to as GGA+U). The ferromagnetic p-d coupling is found to be over 2 orders of magnitude larger(More)
Geometric configuration of imaging varies significantly over time in squinted synthetic aperture radar (SAR) when platform is under maneuvering flight. The classic resolution analysis in the traditional SAR is not suitable in this case. In order to illustrate a general description of the resolution characteristics of the system, a method of resolution(More)
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