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Heterogeneous network (HetNet) is one of the key architectures in 3rd Generation Partnership Projects (3GPP), in which lower-power but more flexible Pico base station (PBS) is appended. The original homogeneous base station stays the same and is called Macro base station (MBS) in HetNet. The traditional network admission and handover is performed by the(More)
In recent years, recommender system has been one of the hottest topics in both industry and academia. The ability of providing personalized user experience has been a pivotal evaluation criterion to determine weather a company can be successful or not. In this paper, we fetch the first hand data from a Video Communication Co Ltd, and put forward a new(More)
Starting from 3rd Generation Partnership Projects (3GPP), heterogeneous network (HetNet) is widely deployed to solve the weak-coverage problems in hot spots, architectural barriers spots and large inner buildings. HetNet consists of macro base station (MBS) with strong transmission capacity and low power Pico base station (PBS) which are set up in these(More)
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