Zhixing Luo

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The split-delivery vehicle routing problem (SDVRP) is a natural extension of the classical vehicle routing problem (VRP) that allows the same customer to be served by more than one vehicle. This problem is a very challenging combinatorial optimization problem and has attracted much academic attention. To solve it, most of the literature articles adopted(More)
The box placement problem involves finding a location to place a rectangular box into a container given n rectangular boxes that have already been placed. It commonly arises as a subproblem in many algorithms for cutting stock problems as well as 2D/3D packing problems. We show that the box placement problem is closely related to some well-studied problems(More)
In this paper, a singing voice splitting (SVS) system is researched and implemented by short-time Fourier transform (STFT) and Nonuniform Discrete Fourier Transform (NDFT). Specifically, there are four processes: T-F decomposition, main pitch detection, T-F information extraction and singing synthesis. Firstly, choose STFT as T-F analysis tool. Then, use(More)
This paper addresses a new vehicle routing problem that simultaneously involves time windows, split collection and linear weightrelated cost, which is a generalization of the split delivery vehicle routing problem with time windows (SDVRPTW). This problem consists of determining least-cost vehicle routes to serve a set of customers while respecting the(More)
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