Zhixin Yang

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Although the mean – variance control was initially formulated for financial portfolio management problems in which one wants to maximize the expected return and control the risk, our motivations stem from highway vehicle platoon controls that aim to maximize highway utility while ensuring zero accident. This paper develops near-optimal mean – variance(More)
NS1 protein is the only non-structural protein encoded by the influenza A virus, and it contributes significantly to disease pathogenesis by modulating many virus and host cell processes. A two-hybrid screen for proteins that interact with NS1 from influenza A yielded growth arrest-specific protein 8. Gas8 associated with NS1 in vitro and in vivo. Deletion(More)
Acoustic signals are an ideal source of diagnosis data thanks to their intrinsic non-directional coverage, sensitivity to incipient defects, and insensitivity to structural resonance characteristics. However this makes prevailing signal de-nosing and feature extraction methods suffer from high computational cost, low signal to noise ratio (S/N), and(More)
This work is devoted to stability analysis of numerical solutions for jump diffusions and jump diffusions with Markovian switching. Different from the existing treatment of Euler-Maurayama methods for solutions of sto-chastic differential equations, we use techniques from stochastic approximation. We analyze the almost sure exponential stability and(More)