Zhixin Yang

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Although the mean – variance control was initially formulated for financial portfolio management problems in which one wants to maximize the expected return and control the risk, our motivations stem from highway vehicle platoon controls that aim to maximize highway utility while ensuring zero accident. This paper develops near-optimal mean – variance(More)
BACKGROUND Our previous study showed that the NS1 protein of highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus H5N1 induced caspase-dependent apoptosis in human alveolar basal epithelial cells (A549), supporting its function as a proapoptotic factor during viral infection, but the mechanism is still unknown. RESULTS To characterize the mechanism of NS1-induced(More)
Damage location detection has direct relationship with the field of aerospace structure as the detection system can inspect any exterior damage that may affect the operations of the equipment. In the literature, several kinds of learning algorithms have been applied in this field to construct the detection system and some of them gave good results. However,(More)
This study combines signal de-noising, feature extraction, two pairwise-coupled relevance vector machines (PCRVMs) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) for parameter optimization to form an intelligent diagnostic framework for gearbox fault detection. Firstly, the noises of sensor signals are de-noised by using the wavelet threshold method to lower the(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically evaluate the long-term effect and safety of Xingnao Kaiqiao needling method in ischemic stroke treatment. DATA RETRIEVAL We retrieved relevant random and semi-random controlled trials that used the Xingnao Kaiqiao needling method to treat ischemic stroke compared with various control treatments such as conventional drugs or(More)
This work is devoted to stability analysis of numerical solutions for jump diffusions and jump diffusions with Markovian switching. Different from the existing treatment of Euler-Maurayama methods for solutions of sto-chastic differential equations, we use techniques from stochastic approximation. We analyze the almost sure exponential stability and(More)
This paper is concerned with a new angle of treating platoon systems using mean-variance control formulation. The underlying system is a controlled switching diffusion in which the random switching process is a continuous-time Markov chain. This switching process is used to represent random environment and other random factors that cannot be given by(More)