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Antifungal evaluation of plant essential oils and their major components against toxigenic fungi
The 4 selected PEOs and their 6 main active components exhibited wide application prospect as the novel natural antifungal alternatives for preventing fungal contamination in different matrices to assure their quality and safety. Expand
Effects of a dark septate endophyte (DSE) on growth, cadmium content, and physiology in maize under cadmium stress
The results indicated that the DSE’s ability to promote plant growth was related to a decrease on Cd content and the regulation on phytohormone balance and photosynthetic activities in maize leaves. Expand
Relationship of Mycotoxins Accumulation and Bioactive Components Variation in Ginger after Fungal Inoculation
Significantly negative correlation was expressed between the mycotoxins accumulation and bioactive components variation in ginger, which might influence the quality and safety of it. Expand
Identifying RNA N6-Methyladenine Sites in Three Species Based on a Markov Model
This study uses first-order and second-order Markov models to identify RNA N6-methyladenine sites in three species (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, mouse, and Homo sapiens) and shows that the performance of this method is better than that of other existing methods. Expand
Increasing straw surface functionalities for enhanced adsorption property.
A simple low-temperature partial-oxidation process was demonstrated as an effective technology for reed straw modification towards environmental remediation and provided insights into designing promising technologies for sustainable environmental management through reutilization of agricultural waste. Expand
[Somatic hybridization between Brassica napus and Eruca sativa mill].
In order to expand gene resources and improve Brassica napus cultivars, protoplasts isolated from hypocotyls and plant regeneration from symmetric fusion were more than from asymmetric fusion. Expand