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In Alzheimer's disease patients, dysfunction of the cholinergic neurons is one of the causes of cognitive disorders. Although there is still no effective cure for theses diseases and conditions, some promising strategies are currently available to replace these damaged cells. Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells (WJ-MSCs) derived from umbilical cord(More)
—Nested lattice quantization provides a practical scheme for Wyner–Ziv coding. This paper examines the high-rate performance of nested lattice quantizers and gives the theoretical performance for general continuous sources. In the quadratic Gaussian case, as the rate increases, we observe an increasing gap between the performance of finite-dimensional(More)
Multi-agent systems arise from diverse fields in natural and artificial systems, such as schooling of fish, flocking of birds, coordination of autonomous agents. In multi-agent systems, a typical and basic situation is the case where each agent has the tendency to behave as other agents do in its neighborhood. Through computer simulations, Vicsek, Czirók,(More)