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Nested lattice quantization provides a practical scheme for Wyner-Ziv coding. This paper examines the high-rate performance of nested lattice quantizers and gives the theoretical performance for general continuous sources. In the quadratic Gaussian case, as the rate increases, we observe an increasing gap between the performance of finite-dimensional nested(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether humour therapy reduces depression (primary outcome), agitation and behavioural disturbances and improves social engagement and quality-of-life in nursing home residents. DESIGN The Sydney Multisite Intervention of LaughterBosses and ElderClowns study was a single-blind cluster randomised controlled trial of humour therapy.(More)
The consensus problem of multi-agent systems has attracted wide attention from researchers in recent years, following the initial work of Jadbabaie et al. on the analysis of a simplified Vicsek model. While the original Vicsek model contains noise effects, almost all the existing theoretical results on consensus problem, however, do not take the noise(More)
This paper studies compress-forward (CF) coding with BPSK modulation for the half-duplex Gaussian relay channel. In CF relaying, Wyner-Ziv coding is applied at the relay to exploit the joint statistics between signals at the relay and the destination. We propose Slepian-Wolf coded nested scalar quantization (SWCNSQ) for practical Wyner-Ziv coding at the(More)
The collective behavior of multi-agent systems is an important studying point for the investigation of complex systems, and a basic model of multi-agent systems is the so called Vicsek model, which possesses some key features of complex systems, such as dynamic behavior, local interaction, changing neighborhood, etc. This model looks simple, but the(More)
Maintenance therapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) aims to extend disease control after first-line chemotherapy with active and well-tolerated agents. The utility of continuation maintenance therapy requires further research. This multicenter, randomized, phase 2 study compared continuation maintenance therapy with pemetrexed (500 mg/m2 every 21(More)
In vertebrates, cytochrome P450 aromatase, encoded by cyp19a1, converts androgens to estrogens and plays important roles in gonadal differentiation and development. The present study examines whether epigenetic mechanisms are involved in cyp19a1a expression and subsequent gonadal development in the hermaphroditic ricefield eel. The expression of the(More)