Zhixiang Luo

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We have developed a method combining lithography and catalytic etching to fabricate large-area (uniform coverage over an entire 5-in. wafer) arrays of vertically aligned single-crystal Si nanowires with high throughput. Coaxial n-Si/p-SiGe wire arrays are also fabricated by further coating single-crystal epitaxial SiGe layers on the Si wires using ultrahigh(More)
The goal of nanotechnology is to build nanodevices that are intelligent, multifunctional, exceptionally small, extremely sensitive and have low power consumption. When the nanodevice is required for applications such as in vivo biomedical sensors, a nanoscale power source is required. Although a battery or energy storage unit is a choice for powering(More)
Manganese(II)-vanadate(V)/organic hybrids were prepared in high purity using four different N-donor organic ligands (2,6:2',2″-terpyridine = terpy, 2,2'-bipyrimidine = bpym, o-phenanthroline = o-phen, and 4,4'-bipyridine = 4,4'-bpy), and their crystalline structures, thermal stabilities, optical properties, photocatalytic activities and electronic(More)
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