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System identification is the basis of designing control system, and it is very difficulty to identify the nonlinear system today. A method of fuzzy identification had been provided in reference 1, and another method of using neural networks to identify system had been provided in reference 2. In this paper, Author points out the disadvantages of those(More)
In the light of the conditions that the results of traditional criticality safety vehicle distance are hardly able to guarantee the safety in the sudden reaction of the current vehicle, through studying the conditions of traditional criticality safety distance, considering the impact of abnormal deceleration of the current vehicle on following vehicle, and(More)
  • Zhixiang Hou
  • 2007
In this paper a novel approach for nonlinear system identification is proposed based on adaptive particle swarm optimization. Particle swarm optimization is demonstrated as efficient global search method for complex surfaces, and in order to quick the convergence speed, an adaptive particle swarm optimization strategy was introduced. The proposed method(More)
Through researching at the traditional linear model of car-following, the paper have found it sensitivity is a fixed value, but in the actual process of driving a vehicle, Sensitivity of driver changes with stimulation. This paper set up a new vehicle-following model taking into account the different sensitivity. Through simulation analysis, results show(More)
Propose a fault diagnosis method which combines analytical redundancy with bond graph model for electrolytic high power rectifier system. Firstly, using the software 20-sim, the author builds a bond graph model of the system and established a diagnostic bond graph model through adding virtual sensor in bond graph model; then, according to the causal(More)
To overcome the disadvantage of standard BP algorithm with slower learning rate and easily trapping into the local minima, a new method of weight values optimization based on homotopy algorithm is provided in this paper. Minimization of error function of BP neural networks was converted nonlinear equations about weight values vector firstly, and then fixed(More)
Air fuel ratio is a key index affecting power performance and fuel economy and exhaust emissions of the gasoline engine, whose accurate model is the foundation of accuracy air fuel ratio control. Taking HL495 engine as experimental device, a method of indenting air fuel ratio based on Elman neural network was provided in this paper. Experiment results show(More)
Supposed the perception of traffic information and the controlling decision of vehicles are correct. The delay of controlling actions is researched in the paper, and the function of driver non-response probability is advanced. Based on the function, the timing curve of divers’ response is made. Then the risk model of Rear-ends accidents is(More)