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Defining a relation between granules and computing ever-changing granules are two important issues in granular computing. In view of this, this work proposes a partial order relation and lattice computing, respectively, for dealing with the aforementioned issues. A fuzzy lattice granular computing classification algorithm, or FL-GrCCA for short, is proposed(More)
Landmarks provide the most predominant navigation cue for pedestrian navigation. Very few navigation data models in the geographical information science and transportation communities support modeling of landmarks and use of landmark-based route instructions for pedestrian navigation services. This article proposes a landmark-based pedestrian navigation(More)
Mobile phone location data is a newly emerging data source of great potential to support human mobility research. However, recent studies have indicated that many users can be easily re-identified based on their unique activity patterns. Privacy protection procedures will usually change the original data and cause a loss of data utility for analysis(More)