Zhixian Chen

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—We present a vertical-silicon-nanowire-based p-type tunneling field-effect transistor (TFET) using CMOS-compatible process flow. Following our recently reported n-TFET [11], a low-temperature dopant segregation technique was employed on the source side to achieve steep dopant gradient, leading to excellent tunneling performance. The fabricated p-TFET(More)
—This letter presents a Si nanowire based tunneling field-effect transistor (TFET) using a CMOS-compatible vertical gate-all-around structure. By minimizing the thermal budget with low-temperature dopant-segregated silicidation for the source-side dopant activation, excellent TFET characteristics were obtained. We have demonstrated for the first time the(More)
—For the first time, we demonstrate the fabrication of two independently controlled gate-all-around MOSFETs on a single vertical silicon nanowire using CMOS process technology. The second gate is vertically stacked on top of the first gate without occupying additional area and thereby achieving true 3-D integration. The fabricated devices exhibit very low(More)
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