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Cooperative communications can help combat fading and hence can significantly increase the capacity of wireless networks. Although various schemes have been proposed to leverage this capability, most of the current mechanisms require hardware modification. We present a novel MAC protocol for the multirate ad hoc network, called CODE, to entail simultaneous(More)
In wireless sensor networks, one of the big challenges is to achieve a satisfactory network lifetime while meeting quality of service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, we propose a novel MAC layer protocol which provides energy efficiency, latency guarantee, adaptability and scalability for wireless sensor networks carrying on delay-sensitive applications.(More)
Rapid modeling and model reusing has become an emergent problem to be solved in recent years, due to the sharp increasing popularity of character modeling. In this paper, we propose a combining-based method for rapid modeling the surface of three-dimensional character. We propose the algorithm for extracting the boundary points from the triangle mesh(More)
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