Zhiwen Shao

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In this paper, we propose a novel face alignment method that trains deep convolutional network from coarse to fine. It divides given landmarks into principal subset and elaborate subset. We firstly keep a large weight for principal subset to make our network primarily predict their locations while slightly take elaborate subset into account. Next the weight(More)
Deep convolutional network has been widely used in face recognition while not often used in face alignment. One of the most important reasons of this is the lack of training images annotated with landmarks due to fussy and time-consuming annotation work. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel data augmentation strategy. And we design an innovative(More)
We propose a novel method for feature description used for image matching in this paper. Our method is inspired by the autoencoder, an artificial neural network designed for learning efficient codings. Sparse and orthogonal constraints are imposed on the autoencoder and make it a highly discriminative descriptor. It is shown that the proposed descriptor is(More)
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